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LXE chairs of PitStop Furniture line are produced in four colors upholstery. 
So we have a model completely black with black springs, shock absorbers, model red - black with red springs, yellow - black with black spring and silver - black with silver springs. 
LXE office chair is the largest, heaviest and best equipped chair in our offer. Permissible load of the seat is 147 kg. The inclination of the backrest can be adjusted using the knobs located on both sides of the chair. Armrests, which have the appearance of the tire tread is made of tactile materials and deflecting under pressure. This is a huge difference for most of office chairs available onthe market that have armrests hard plastic (or wooden in the upscale models). 
The biggest surprise, however is an air pump, which allows you to adjust the shape of the support pillow of lumbar spine.
In addition to the technical specification impressive overall appearance of the chair. The first impression is that we are looking at a
part of any simulator.
Photos that you can see in our shop are not fully reflect its appearance in reality.
PitStop™ LXE Office Chair - Black
PitStop™ LXE Office Chair - Black
Features: Black Leatherette Color Adjustable Seat ...More
404.52  EUR
Without discount: 566.43  EUR

PitStop™ LXE Office Chair - Red
PitStop™ LXE Office Chair - Red
PitStop™ LXE Chair Features: Red Leatherette ...More
582.62  EUR
Without discount: 590.24  EUR

PitStop™ LXE Office Chair - Silver
PitStop™ LXE Office Chair - Silver
Features: Silver Leatherette Color Adjustable Seat ...More
380.95  EUR
Without discount: 535.48  EUR

PitStop™ LXE Office Chair - Yellow
PitStop™ LXE Office Chair - Yellow
Features: Yellow Leatherette Color Adjustable Seat ...More
416.43  EUR
Without discount: 583.10  EUR

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