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Online Shop regulations:

1. Shop operating at is led by:

MORWIK Sokołowski i Cichocki Sp.J.
ul. Myśliwska 29/11, 81-572 Gdynia
NIP 586 228 63 62, REGON 221 987 618
zarejestrowaną w rejestrze przedsiębiorców prowadzonym przez Sąd Rejonowy w Gdańsku Wydział VIII Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego pod nr KRS 0000484513.
tel. 783 391 699
e-mail: kontakt(at)

2. Regulations define the rules for the use of the Online Shop orders on stock items, delivery of the ordered products to the Customer, customer payments, customer rights to cancel the order and cancel the contract and for the submission and consideration of the complaint.

3. Proper shop operations ensure:

- computer with access to the Internet and web browser : Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera,

- installed newest versions of JAVA and FLASH

-  screen resolution above 1024

- active e-mail account

4. Due to the nature of our products, information on the goods listed on the site are not a commercial offer but an invitation to contract. Before placing order customer has the right to negotiate and resolve any individual credit agreements concluded with the seller. These negotiations may be in written form, electronically via e-mail or telephone.  In case of cancellation the Customer conduct individual negotiations, an agreement based on principles laid down in this Regulation.

5. Registration is not necessary  to view products and information contained on the website Placing orders via the shop requires registration for proper order realization.

6. Registration is charge free and  voluntary.

7. In the purpose of registration one should fill the registration form in, accept regulations of the online shop and give consent to process personal details in the scope essential for the completion of an order.

8. After registering with the Shop, logging to the shop takes place by entering e-mail address and password in the form given at the registration.

9. shopkeeper commits himself to the protect of personal data in accordance with the act from 29 August 1997 about the protection of personal data and also undertakes to make all data unavailable to other parties without user permission.

10. Personal details provided during the registration are being processed exclusively by shop to the purpose of completion of an order, mainly for billing.

11. Registered user has right to view, update or remove his data after contact with shop support, in writing, via an e-mail or over the phone.

12. Filling in the form with data by the Customer constitutes acceptance of the storage and processing of personal data for the purposes of the contract.

13. Data concerning the number of the payment card, of number of the banking account, aren't known to The authorization of electronic payments method takes place on the side of competent company.

14. The customer can place orders on available products through:

- online shop through 7 days of the week and 24 hours a day. Customer after the registration and logging in to online shop, is placing an order, pointing at the product in which he is made interested, through the click on the side product orders "into the Basket"

- contact with shop support via e-mail: shop(at)

15. Orders placed after 15:00 and orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be processed the next working day.

16. In basket Customer has a possibility to verify placed order (kind, amount, net, gross value of ordered products). In addition, choose payment and delivery method. After clicking "follow through order" it is possible to correct information or select "send order". Information confirming acceptance of the order, will be automatically sent to the customer via e-mail. Placing an order is an offer submission concluding a contract of sale of products covered by the contract.

17. After placing an order, the Seller sends an e-mail with order confirmation. Order confirmation is a statement of acceptance of the offer referred to point 15.

18. Basic condition of order realization is order placed properly (payment method, goods collection etc.)

19. With each shipment a proof of purchase is sent (receipt, invoice).

20. Object of the contract can be delivered to the customer, depending on his choice :

- by  courier service to the address specified in customer's order,

- by any courier service customer orders himself,

21. Transportation cost beyond Polish border is covered by customer in accordance with current courier service price list (cost depends on size and weight of the shipment). The courier company can be suggested by the seller or the customer can order a courier on his own. Customer will be informed about transportation cost via e-mail or telephone, before the conclusion of the transaction. Transport cost within Polish territory is covered by  seller. 

22. Please check delivered goods in the presence of the carrier. Check if shipment doesn’t have any  damage indicating damage during transport.

23. Goods in stock are shipped within 5 days from order confirmation or payment confirmation (depends on chosen payment method).

 24. In case when ordered goods are out of stock or there are no chance for realization in predicted time customer will be informed by shop support  via e-mail or telephone.

 25. If the execution of the order is not possible, the seller can propose the Customer to:

- cancel the entire order (if this option is selected seller is released from order realization)

- cancel the part of order which can’t be realized (if this option is selected the order will be executed in its part, seller is released from the obligation to fulfill the remainder part of order)

- divide order and set a new deadline for this part of the order which implementation is not possible in the originally scheduled date (if this option is selected the goods will be send in separate  consignments,  customer shall have no further costs associated with the division order for several shipments)

- extend the term of the contract in accordance with the information received from suppliers

In case of order cancelation or its part if payment for the object of the order was made ​​in advance, the Seller will return the appropriate amount within 10 days from cancelation.

26.  Product prices given on :

- are gross prices (contain VAT),

- do not include transportation cost

- are shown in PLN and EUR(Euro). Prices in PLN depend on current exchange rates and are valid from the date of change.

27. The seller reserves the right to change products prices systematically, changes are in force from day of entering them into the online shop.

Sprzedający zastrzega sobie prawo do dokonywania na bieżąco zmian w cenach produktów, zmiany obowiązują od dnia ich wprowadzenia do sklepu internetowego.

28. Customer has the possibility to pay for ordered goods with:

- bank transfer

- cash on courier service delivery

- cash on personal collection in one of branches

29. Realization of orders for non-standard products or high value may be dependent on prepayment agreed with the customer.

30. In accordance with the law all products offered in the shop are covered by manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects.

31. All products sent back for warranty should contain proof of payment and defect description. You can download warranty form here. Product with documents should be send to head office or one of branch offices.

32. If warranty is accepted customer has right to request to bring the product to condition accordant with the contract by free repair, replace or claim for cash return.

33. If warranty is rejected product will be sent back to customer.

34. Complaints does not apply to:

- products with damage caused by use of the product not in accordance with its intended purpose or parameters,

-  products badly matched , altered, repaired or improperly installed.

 35. Seller is not responsible for any losses as a result of improper selection, installation or use.

36. Because of products characteristic offered in the shop, the seller is not responsible for damages caused to third parties by use of these goods or vehicles modified by their use.

37. Seller is not responsible for engine/car damages caused by improper selection or installation.

38. Seller is not responsible for the loss of warranty given by the manufacturer or car dealer, the loss of specific rights under the insurance policy or other similar agreement.

39. Customer can withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, by making a statement in writing within 14 days counting from the date of receiving the goods. Statement can be downloaded here.

40. In case of returning, customer is obliged to return the products with proof of purchase. The returned product must not be used, or damaged.

41. After verification of returned goods seller will transfer the money back to customer's bank account within 10 days.

42. Goods should be send back or delivered to adress indicated in p.1. above.

43. Shop support does not accept packages sent back with cash on delivery option and is not responsible for costs related to such shipments.

44. Matters not covered by these regulations shall be subject to the Civil Code and other applicable laws.

45. Invalidity of individual provisions of the regulations shall not affect the validity of the remaining.

46. Disputes will be submitted for settlement to the appropriate court in accordance with the Polish law.

47. The customer has the right to lodge complaints and remarks related to the operation of our shop by mail or e-mail to the address given in point 1 of regulations.

48. Regulations of the shop are available on shops web site. Customer can record or print it.

49. Shop support reserves the right to change the regulations. About this intention support will inform on the website in advance. Purchases and orders placed before the entry into force of the new Regulations will be implemented according to the rules of the previous version of the Regulation.

50. content has been created by the site owner or a person cooperating with him. Rights contained in the shop materials belong to Morwik and can not be used by third parties (also as part of other websites). Copying and distributing the contents of the shop without written permission is prohibited.

MORWIK © Copyright 2014.

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